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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  November 10, 2017 5:00pm-5:29pm EST

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from route 50 east. you can see for the most part the lodge of that plane still in tact. pete, do we know anywhere where this plane is coming from or going to? >> we know a little bit about that. we know this place was going to lee airport near edgewater. the plane was on file so a pretty routine friday afternoon flight. sounds like a family out for a nice time. >> no weather issues. >> no definitely not because it's such a nice day out. it's still early in what would be this investigation. i think a lot of luck involved here. better to be lucky than good. the mrooen in a super crowded area. route 50's right there. route 97 is also right there. it went down in this wooded area. not exactly clear if the pilot was trying to make it to the highway or not but it seems like everything went as well as it could have. >> any crash you can w
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from is certainly successful. do we know anymore about just speculating as to what could have happened? >> sure. so the police were investigating a tiny fuel leak. so we know there was a little bit on the airplane at least. maybe not fuel exhaustion but maybe fuel starvation. maybe the pilot being on the run fuel tank instead of the right one. maybe there was some issue in that. although the motor in an airplane like this relatively bullet proof. >> what kind of plane is this? >> it's a french airplane called a cabago. pretty large in size. you can see from the crash scene that the fuscia lodge is in tact but the wings are sheared up. it sounds like -- looks like a pretty good accident. the passenger area mostly in tact. everything okay there. so it seems like easily one that could be walked away from.
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plane belongs to. >> we know this belongs to a flying club called one aviation. this one on their website. 207 gt.. 207 gulf tango is the airplane. they were out using. probably a club member out flying this today and it was probably just a fun joy flight between someone and their family. >> last thing real quick, pete. what can we expect investigators to do on the scene? will this take a long time to wrap up. >> sure. we know that law enforcement is there. the ntsb will look at this as well because it was in such a high profile kind of place. they'll issue a report in a week's time and do a full report about a year from now. so we won't know good answers right away. >> so for anyone out in that area stay away. >> right in the middle of rush hour. louie ck is breaking his silence.
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sexual misconduct. louie ck apologized and said it was all true. netflix also said today it would not go forward for the second season of his special. five women told the new york times that ck touched himself in front of them or tried to without their consent. in his statement today louie ck said i also took the fact that i was widely admired. there's nothing about this i forgive myself for and i have to reconciled to who i am which is nothing i left them with. louie ck is one of the world's highest paid comedians. calls continuing tonight for roy moore to step aside in the election for an alabama senate seat. four women have told the washington post that when they were teenagers, moore made inappropriate advances toward them. the alabama republican claims the allegationses are quote
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filthy and sleezy and encouraged god fairing conservatives to help him by chipping in a donation. here in washington republicans are distancing themselves from the gop candidate. >> if they're true he should step aside. >> what about the other republican members who have endorsed him. >> that will be up to them. >> if the allegations are true he may need to step aside. >> saying the president does not believe a mere allegation to destroy a person's life but went on to say that president trump believes moore will do the right thing if the amgss are true. now to this story. today, lawyers representing 28 children who say a teaching assistant carlos bell sexually assaulted them. should public schools be forced to install classroom cameras. at a minimum the families there are demanding changes not only in charles county
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the state of maryland. here's scott maroon. >> body cameras in the classroom, surveillance for teachers really. >> victim's lawyers. >> there's been a lot of talk about body cams for police officers maybe we should move the body cams for teachers, instructional aids and coaches. >> when you see companies like amazon can arrange ways for people to get packages in their homes when they're not home surely we can do more for kids to ensure that the minute someone takes them out of school they're being monitored or out of a classroom they're being monitored. >> maybe we need to have some separate reporting of hiv status. maybe we need though have some random hiv tests this man clearly knows he's going to die and he tried to kill as many people as he could. at some point it has to be kofrnlted. >> tucker and moore are representing some of the
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deangelo bell. facing 206 count indictment accused of sexually abusing at least 28 children and teens while working as a teacher's aid and coach in charles and maryland county schools. some of it happened during school hours. >> we have to come together to put better policies in place for hiring, practices and prevention. >> the mother of one victim read briefly. the message schools statewide in maryland must make mandatory training and policy changes. the families pointed out at least 18 states have some kind of mandatory training in public schools to identify predators and do something about it. maryland is not among them. scott broom wusa. bell worked in charles county schools from 2014 to 2016. school officials say it's too
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demands before the case has gone to court. a desperate mother is by her son's hospital bed tonight hoping the 17-year-old high school junior is going to pull through after he was shot. he was shot while just walking home after school. we're in congress heights to tell you what happened. >> we're at 4th and trenton about a half a block from the skwool. you can actually still see the football field right next to me. this is where i'm told it all started with a neighborhood beef. now i know the name of the victim but i'm not going to release it because obviously he is a minor and the gunman in this case is still on the run. but, here's what i do know. the fight happened here after school on trenton. the victim then walking away turned the corner down 4th street and that is when i'm told a car followed him. we think it was a d
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black korolla a sedan with tinted windows. i'm actually told the driver got out of the car and shot the victim here on the sidewalk and then that car took off. now, police say the victim is in critical condition. i'm told there's a question as to whether or not this young man will be able to walk again. now i talked to the commander. he says police have stepped up their patrols actually getting help from other police precincts and other districts in the area to come assist to double up their efforts here in the area when school resumes especially on monday. however, the anc commissioner says that's not enough. he is calling out the chief, he is calling out the mayor he wants more police presence. he wants undercover officers to come here and get control of the situation before he says it gets out
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in southeast wusa 9. there's no word yet if surveillance video from a nearby bus captured that crime. anyone with information can text an anonymous tip to 50-411. we're just getting started. oj simpson kicked out and banned from a las vegas hotel what he's saying now. >> we asked our government why they were just forgotten. >> and for the past eight years wusa 9 and other uso programs that aid our local military families. it's a wonderful way to say thank you for their service. now if you'd like to make a donation we need to get these phones ringing. (202) 895-5560. help a veteran right here in our area and a family get a delicious
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today and this weekend we honor all of those who served our country for veterans day. >> eddie lee smith. william douglas sparks. >> stuart glenn postetter. edward johnson. >> for the fourth and final day this week volunteers red the names at the vietnam veterans wall in dc. two thousand volunteers read the names. if you want to take advantage of living in
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the nation's capital there's certainly plenty to do in our area. the veterans national veterans day ceremony. you can also go to the national asympathy dral veteran -- cathedral. and don't forget about our wusa 9. we're honoring local vets by providing them and their families with holiday food baskets for thanksgiving. so if you'd like to help call our volunteers at (202) 895-5560. you can also donate online at see how arts and his wife saved his life. >> and it's going to be pretty cold tonight. topper has a look at how long this cold front will last.
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t want your kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger.
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as we honor our veterans today i want to talk about my late father of the united states air force. my dad fought in w
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he flew 47 combat missions over the pacific and was part of the advanced team for the bombing of nagasaki. every veterans day me and my family take an american flag and put it on his grave and we'll do the same thing this year next to myself and my sister my dad's military service was the proudest achievement of his life and i always think about him every day but especially on this day. so dad, happy veterans day. that was our investigative reporter eric flak with that beautiful tribute to his father on this veterans day. you can donate to the uso's turkey for troops initiative. $50 will buy a thanksgiving food basket to feed a family of 6. we've got volunteers in our studio right now. the number
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202-895-5560. and speaking of thanks we'd like to solute one maryland veteran and his wife. their names are john and melissa meadows and the years of war have really taken a toll on john. but the uso has helped the couple get back on their feet. >> the love story begins in the most unlikely place. >> we met in a homeless shelter. >> i remember her standing at the phone this is like the pay phone type. standing there with the long hair, and the red hair and just standing there it was like something just like bam. >> soon, they were married. then came september 11th. >> that was a bad day. >> yeah. >> and one day he comes home and goes i signed up i said what? >> john served two years in iraq. >> when i first got there i was excited but nervous. >> it was also the bloodiest time of the iraq war. >> a lot of times you were just waiting for something to blow u
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>> john's mission was looking for enemy explosives before they killed his fellow soldiers. >> we knew our luck was going to run out. we didn't care anymore. >> after iraq there was afghanistan. >> i just remembered a mortar came in i remember getting knocked back from the blast and i hit the back of my head. >> this was not the first time john had suffered a brain injury but this one got him shipped home. >> the guy that got off the plane was not the man sent over. the lights were on and no one was home. he was afraid of everything. he wouldn't go anywhere without me. no married couple should be together like that. >> while john was being treated for his traumatic brain injury melissa tried to convince him to take art classes. >> he was embarrassed because of his brain injury. >> john eventually gave it a try and soon he found art gave
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especially working with clay he could express his grief like in this piece showing a soldier hunched over holding a revolver or loneliness reading a letter from home. >> everything just disappears and i can just sit there and keep going and it's just a nice freedom. none of the outside, all that craziness, or inside internal craziness. >> art saved his life. it really did. >> and for that the meadows are eternally grateful to the uso. >> if you'd like to provide a thanksgiving meal to families like the meadows, please call our wusa 9 phone bank. the number to call is (202) 895-5560. your kind donation also helps the uso purchase art supplies for their arts program like the one that helps john meadows. joining us now
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donation is mike kugen. no pizza involved here. and we've also got paul cuido of u.s. o. baltimore. >> we couldn't be more pleased to give you this check for $25,000 to support turkeys for troops. >> there's fantastic. well hold it up. that's pretty good right there. >> and paul, you said we were well on our way to getting closer to our goal. >> yes, with wusa 9 and all of you have been donating throughout the day we're almost up to $100,000 on our way to $150,000. we've got a couple more hours. >> we're telling people that $50 can buy a thanksgiving basket for a family but we are hearing people are giving much more than that and some people are giving smaller amounts and really the point is to let folks
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tremendous support to the men and women that serve us, that serve our country, that make it possible for us to do what we're doing here today. >> absolutely. and every dollar stays local. >> so that is perfect. these phones are ringing and we want to keep doing that. we want you to give whatever you can. thank a veteran and their loved ones for the holidays. (202) 895-5560. (202) 895-5560 or you can go online and make a pledge at thank you for being here. we are on the verge of a history-making day. not necessarily because of the cold temperatures this morning but because of something pretty big that happened 30 years ago. >> our biggest snow storm was on veterans day and it was pretty interesting. i was actually in greensboro. i got the forecast right for dc but
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we had about a foot. thunder snow. and it was just a well needless to say a disaster. any time you get 6" to 12" of snow let alone in november it was not a good sight and again that was 30 years ago tomorrow. hard to believe it's been that long. just cold for us tonight. a 3 degree guarantee i had to go 50 for a high. we'll add everything up tonight. temps were flirting with 50 around midnight. right now we're flirting with 40. we're only at 39 . dew points 14. we're in the low 60s. much drier air mass. gives us an idea just how cold it can get tonight. winds are going to subside. we have a low humidity. we've got charles flowers el nowhere roosevelt. look at these high school temperatures. 7:0031. 9:00 it's 28 and that does not even factor in the wind chill. if you're head today the
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bitterly komd tonight records possible. still cold tomorrow but with light wind and a full sun. still chilly on sunday with a few clouds coming in late and just a few showers on monday. does not appear to be a potent system at this point in time. if you have to get up early in the morning look off to the east. onto the satellite tomorrow. these rings are the rings of visible in seconds. so if you're out pretty much through dc this is a ring of about 90 seconds about a minute and a half after the launch. looking east. going to be tough with the sun. you might be able to see the satellite go back into space. all right. lots of games. michigan verse maryland. 39 and 44. vikings at fedex partly cloudy. still chilly. 48-53. winds still in check. and it's dry so that's not so bad. milder next week. 43 tomorrow
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54 monday and tuesday and up to 58 on wednesday. so the cold air comes in quickly and leaves pretty quickly which is a good thing. tonight 8:00 already in the 20s in gathsdzisberg and fredricks. 21 in leesburg and then by 1:00 it's still cold. 38 in buoy and 38 downtown and by tomorrow night if you're going to go out bundle up. we're talking 20s and 30s tomorrow night. on the day planner 20s to start. 35 by 11:00. 39 by 1:00. sunday, still chilly. low 50s. a few showers monday 54. but the back half of monday looks great. tuesday looks great. wednesday looks great. thursday looks great and then smab some showers but still pretty warm in the 60s next friday. up next president trump in vietnam today. see why people love him more theren
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>> plus fallen and forgotten. why were missing world war ii heroes buried under pavement. >> and country music royalty speaks out about guns and the nra. what they want to change. >> and you have a chance to provide food baskets to active duty service members. call (202) 895-5560. you can donate for our turkeys for troops drive. take your donations or pledge $50. that's going to feed a family of 6. if you can't afford $50 no problem. any amount is appreciated and will help a veteran right here in the dc metro area.
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leave no man behind it's a motto to the armed forces and it's a sacred promise one that was broken. marines, sailors, and airmen from world war ii are still left in unmarked graves. they fought on the tiny island of tarowa. we sent our mike falario there and what he found was simply unimaginable certainly not the way our war heroes should be honored. >> it's a trip that took us 7,000 miles, 22 hours and
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this is tarowa. a group of islands in the middle of the pacific frozen in time. it's where we fought against the japanese in world war ii and the wreckage of war is everywhere. we discovered the forgotten story of howard brisby. >> howard was a navy sailor who became a medic after pearl harbor. he waited through this very lagoon to what seemed like a small speck, the farthest from home he'd ever been. [ gunshots ]. >> they called it one square mile of hell and it's here where howard died killed by a japanese sniper. >> today howard buried here at arlington national cemetery but that wasn't always the case. he was found two years ago found


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